DL2 Bike Rack

The DL2 bike rack is a commercial grade bike rack most often seen on the front of buses.

This bike rack is extremely well made. The quality is superb, and it is very easy to use and maintain. The well thought-out design ensures that damage to the bikes mounted on it is unlikely.

The material used is highly corrosion resistant, which makes sure the rack is durable and that it lasts for a long time.
The Josta bike rack is mounted on the front of the vehicle to ensure safety for the person loading or unloading a bicycle.

The DL2 model can load two bikes at one time. Each slot can hold a bike with tire sizes that range from 20” to 29” and with a wheelbase up to a 44”. It should be able to accommodate most bikes used, including heavily loaded commuter bikes with fenders as well as children’s bikes. It should even fit the slightly longer forward pedal bikes by turning in the handlebar and front wheel 180 degrees.

To mount a bike on a DL2 bike rack all the rider needs to do is release the latch holding the mounting rack with his free hand. He then loads the bike into the slots that hold the tires and secures the bike with the spring-loaded support arm over the top of one of the tires.

Because the bike is secured only by the tires and does not touch the frame, there is no damage to the bike from any of the pressure applied to secure the bike.

The bike rack has very few components, making loading on and off quick and easy. The few components also make it easy use and efficient to maintain.

Unloading is equally simple for either bike. Even if there is a bike in front of the bike nearest the bus. When no bikes are being carried, the rack easily folds back to rest next to the bus.