Dispelling The Common Myths About LED Lights

Progress of lighting with candle, tungsten, fluorescent and LEDYou must consider different choices when selecting the grow lights for your plants that include metal halide, high intensity lights, incandescent light and fluorescent lights. LED light is the best option for your indoor gardens that gives various benefits to your plants. The website plantsily.com contains the complete guide on growing indoor plants using tent and the types of light that is suitable for growing plants.
LED lights are suitable for your garden for various reasons. Some of them are explained here.
LED lights are very safe to your plants and will not burn your plants even if you place the lights near to your plants. When the plants are very close to the LED light, they start photo oxidation process and absorb more light. Also the plants growing inside the room lack adequate sun light for growing and to keep them alive LED light can be used. It will not produce large amounts of heat as other lights including HID grow lights that damage your plant. The heat produced by the LED light is manageable by your plants.
Some LED light producing companies are suggesting the blue light for vegetable growth and red light for flower growth but this is not suitable for all cases. It is recommended only for light growing crops. You must know that LED light modifies the rate of evaporation and you should be very mindful of the amount of water to your plants. There are some lights that produce heating for the plants but these are not enough for the plants to develop seeds and grow.
You must choose the right place to place the light that will not be disturbed by your children and pets. You must ensure that the plant is kept at least five inches away from the lights and it is not possible when the plants start to grow and you need to adjust your light every time. You don’t face such difficulty in using LED lights. Using LED light will not harm your plant and you can position the light at the right place and grow as many plants in the space.